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The World’s Most Amazing Golf Simulator.


Amazing Realism

We invented revolutionary image processing software to combine high-resolution digital-images, satellite data and geophysical data into 3D models. HD Golf™ is the only simulator manufacturer to use this method and REAL course data to capture the world’s most prestigious golf courses in incredible detail. We deliver an exceptional golfing experience with  luxurious rolling fairways, scenic tee-block vistas and an unprecedented level of breathtaking realism.


Pinpoint Accuracy

We pioneered Computer Vision Technology in the simulator industry using high-speed, Smart Cameras to provide the most comprehensive, accurate measurements – allowing golfers to precisely replicate fade, draw and shape shots. HD Golf™ makes more measurements, more accurately than any other simulator.


Fun Competition

Our simulators are setup for incredible, interactive gaming. Long drive or closest-to-the-pin competitions create fast-paced, exciting events with friends, colleagues, members and guests. Golfers love the collection of competitions like Break-the-Glass, Golf Poker, Field-Goal Challenge, Tic-Tac-Toe, Darts, Mini-Putt, Target Golf and Skills Competitions.


Game Improvement

Practice makes perfect when you have the best tools. Instantly transform your simulator from a day-on-the-course to an Interactive Coaching System, with our integrated and industry first Professional Golf Studio. Our Golf Studio ensures Teaching Professionals, Clubfitters and Individuals can focus on consistent game-improvement. Comprised of Video Swing Analysis, 3D Motion Analysis, Swing Dynamics Analysis, Weight Transfer / Balance Analysis, the Studio is is designed with one purpose: make you or your students better golfers.

Visually stunning on-demand Golf

HD Golf™ has perfected golf simulation. When it comes to everything about golf, there’s no comparison to the realism, accuracy and quality we deliver. From your first full swing on our simulator, it’s evident we provide the top golf user-experience.

HD Golf™ redefined the industry standard in relation to realism, accuracy and quality, without passing these costs on to the consumer. Our competitive price point, and exceptional user experience make HD Golf™ THE Simulator to own.

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